About us

About the clinic

Žvėrynas Dental Clinic was established in 1999 at the crossroads of 25 S. Moniuškos St. and 24 Kęstučio St. in the centre of the beautiful and conveniently located neighbourhood of Žvėrynas.
Our clinic has been upholding our tradition of outstanding quality, trustworthiness, and devotion to our patients for 13 years.
Our philosophy is based on our patients' teeth; the preservation of their natural individuality can only be achieved through the creative work of a highly-skilled dentist.
The specialization of our dentists is without doubt our greatest asset at the Zverynas Dental Clinic.
‘'Nowadays, when advertising is so widespread and when there are so many different services and technologies on offer (bleaching, aesthetic fillings, implants and even decorating teeth with diamonds), it's easy to get confused about the best way to invest your time and money" says the director of the clinic and prosthodontist Vytautas Kyga. "We should understand that the most important thing is treating the patients' teeth. Secondly, it's about the restoration of normal and healthy chewing function. Thirdly, it's about restoring the aesthetic appearance of the mouth and even restoring the patient's self-confidence. Implants, fillings, crowns, and other technologies are merely the means by which we attain these goals. The work which is done by a dentist is only of value when it remains effective for 10 or more years, no matter how extensive it is."

Our clinic's values

Patients. There is nothing we value more than our patients. We are always glad when the second and even the third generation of patients come to us for treatment. Our long-standing cooperation with patients both new and old allows us to get to know them closely; we don't only pay attention to treating their teeth, but also to their prophylactic. We are proud that we have a reputation for excellence not only in Lithuania but also abroad.
Team. Important decisions are not taken by one dentist, but only after close consultation among several different dentists. Our clinic's specialists are highly qualified; many have studied abroad and they regularly attend international conferences and submit papers to peer-reviewed journals. This is how they keep up to date with the newest advances in this fast-changing field.


We never offer our patients the most expensive or technologically complex treatments just for the sake of it because we value our patients and always choose a tailor-made course of treatment that suits him or her according to their needs. Alternatives, minimal invasiveness, and a desire to preserve as many natural teeth as possible - these are the main things which have earned our clinic a reputation for trustworthiness and which is why our existing customers always return to us.

The latest technology is one of our most invaluable tools in providing the very best service to our customers. That's why we invest in state-of-the-art technologies every year so our team of dentists can offer the very best in dental care.