Dental Implantation

Dental implantation is one of the most advanced treatments to restore lost teeth without shaving away adjacent ones. Implantation makes it possible to restore more than one lost tooth in a single surgery. Dental implants provide comfort and look like natural teeth. At Žvėrynas Dental Clinic, we provide Patients with professional dental implantation services.
  1. Consultation - during the examination the Patient's general condition and expectations are assessed. To diagnose the Patient, 3D computed tomography is performed in the jaw area where the implantation procedure is planned. With the help of tomography, the doctor evaluates the quality, height, and width of the jaw. If these dimensions have changed, bone augmentation surgery may be needed prior to implantation. In the case of medical indications, the consultation can be coordinated with the help of other specialists (prosthodontist, endodontist, or orthodontist). Only when there is a clear overall vision of treatment between the Clinic team and the Patient, the plan is drawn up and an implantation procedure is planned.
  2. Dental implantation - local anesthesia is used during all surgical procedures. The duration of implantation usually lasts from 30 minutes. to 1 hour. The full number of implants required can be threaded in one visit. In the case of bone deficiency, bone augmentation, or sinus lift surgery may be performed during the operation. The operation is followed by a 3-month healing phase.
  3. Care - after the operation, the Patient is introduced to the healing stage, and the necessary oral care: good oral hygiene, regular visits, and other dental care. Such care is vital to avoid unnecessary healing complications, such as inflammation or bone loss.
  4. Prosthetics - after a successful healing phase, the doctor takes a dental impression and sends them to the laboratory. Once prostheses are produced, the tooth is finally fixed on the implant support in the Patient's mouth.



  • This is a very complex and responsible method for implantation when the implant is screwed in immediately after the tooth is removed. Each case is assessed individually during the initial consultation.
  • This method of implantation allows edentulous Patients to improve the fixation of removable dentures or have fixed prostheses with 4 (and more) threaded implants.

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