Tooth Extraction

It is a procedure during which teeth that can no longer function or interfere with functioning are removed from the oral cavity.
  1. Consultation - during the examination, the surgeon listens to the Patient's complaints and takes X-ray images. During the consultation, the general condition of the Patient is also assessed.
  2. Tooth extraction - local infiltration anesthesia is performed at the beginning of the operation. Tissues are removed using special surgical instruments, the tooth is loosened and extracted. The whole procedure is performed thoroughly in order to preserve the surrounding bone walls. This is essential if implantation is planned in the future. The duration of the operation depends on the complexity of the extraction, usually, it lasts from 30 min to 1 hour.
  3. Care - after the operation, the Patient might feel a slight stretching, however, cold therapy helps to reduce such discomfort. The Patient is informed about the care required after the treatment, and an additional informational booklet is provided. 

  • Removing wisdom teeth is a personal decision. If the teeth have erupted and are properly taken care of, they do not need to be extracted. However, when the teeth have not erupted completely or the unerupted wisdom teeth exert pressure on other teeth, the extraction is recommended.

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